Petersen and Pilato’s ‘Bufi’ hit song goes international

The recently released ‘Bufi’ hit song by local musicians Petersen and Pilato denouncing PF political lies has now also become an instant hit on international and internet radio stations in South Africa and Namibia.

A Zambia resident in South Africa says the song which has also been widely shared by many people on internet platforms with some even making a video has become a darling with many people asking for it on air-play.

So far the State owned but PF controlled ZNBC are not playing the hit song because the of the message which is attacking their paymasters the ruling PF government.

Petersen and Pilato sing about broken promises like cheap fuel, construction of roads and job opportunities for young people. Singing in Bemba, Petersen says all were lies as people are still sleeping in dirt. Boza, bufi, ulabeja, wenye are some of the recurring words in the song that traces the lies certain politicians uttered while campaigning for power. He said you were lying Tata. You promised cheap fuel; you said you will construct roads but you were lying as people are still sleeping in tunnels.

Watch the video here

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