Petition to be presented Thursday

More than 10 lawyers will present the petition to nullify the fraudulent election of Edgar Lungu.

And forged president Edgar Lungu has confirmed to his supporters at Woodlands stadium that he will not be sworn in until the constitutional court decides whether he was elected in accordance with law.

The petition is likely to be presented tomorrow or the other day.

It the court decides that forged Lungu was not elected properly, the court can declare HH as the duly elected president, or it can order a re-run between Lungu and HH. Depending on the level of criminality involved in the sham election, the court can bar Lungu from contesting meaning that the re-run can br between HH and Edith Nawakwi or whoever the candidate for ‘rejected Ballots is’ since these were more than what Nawakwi got.

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