PF abuse of govt vehicles for mobilisation in North-Western shock civil servants

PF abuse of govt vehicles for mobilisation in North-Western shock civil servants

carThe UNIP days seem to have come back but in this age and era. Sadly, it is being orchestrated by the Party most Zambians thought would improve their welfare from where MMD left. Like the saying goes, Zambians now realise that they actually made a big name for themselves in 2011 elections by jumping from a frying pan into the fire itself when they voted MMD out. All high expectations that were in the offing orchestrated by the many promises PF made prior to elections have disappeared like dune. With all retrogressive oppression against the opposition coming to the fold under the gist of Public Order Act, It is no longer a secret that Zambia is slowly going back to the UNIP days.

Opposition political parties can no longer interact freely with Zambians as permits are being denied yet the PF is busy taking to the streets in protests and having meetings anywhere and everywhere without a single permit. Recently PF had a series of meetings here in Ikeleng’i and Mwinilunga without a permit. What we have heard about our MP being dropped as Deputy Minister was a ploy and we are not surprised because we have been seeing the PF innuendos.

We are really worried and saddened by the innuendos that have characterised the PF regime. Government functionaries have now become PF tow lines with no distinctive separation of powers notwithstanding that PF is the Party in Government. Surely is this the change we voted for? Is this not abuse of power?

We saw how PF abused Government resources in Mufumbwe by-election but the scenario has graduated into another level. Government vehicles are now being used as Party mobilisation vehicles. This is very absurd. The vehicle you see in picture is a GRZ ministerial registered car. The Registration number ABC 4789 you see on it is fake. In fact ABC 4789 is the reg number for a Nissan Hardbody Car belonging to Ministry of Tourism. This vehicle belongs to the Office of the President, Provincial Administration under the office of the Provincial Minister. This vehicle has been the official car for the North-western Provincial Ministers. Hon Kenneth Chipungu, Hon Daniel Kalenga and Hon Josephine Limata have all used this car when they served as North-western Provincial Ministers. It is only Hon Steven Masumba who has not used it. It may look old now but it is quite a new car only that cadres take turns to drive. This Government vehicle is at the same the personal to-holder car for PF Provincial Political Secretary.

This is the car that is now doing all the Party work most of which is to persuade opposition Councillors and MPs to defect to PF driven by any PF cadre yet it is a Government vehicle. The fuel drawn for it is from Government accounts yet its purpose is for Party mobilisation. In fact whenever the Provincial Minister is touring the constituencies to persuade opposition councillors to defect to PF, this Government vehicle with a fake number plate belonging to ministry of tourism is always a sweeper packed with cadres clad in PF regalia. It was so embarrassing for Hon Steven Masumba to degrade the position he holds, as Provincial Minister, when he came to the night club where we were in Mwinilunga where he announced that he wanted to buy beers for everyone on behalf of President Sata. Well some drunkards’ partook his beer despite booing him in the first place.

It is common knowledge that the tenets of political and governance dispensation being exhibited by the once very popular PF is literally aimed at making Zambia a one party state. It is however irrational and careless on part of PF to stoop so low and think it can manage to persuade and hoodwink Zambians into submission to be toast to and fro anyhow. Zambians of today are elite and so much aware of what is best for them and are no longer passive or dormant as some politicians have been insinuating.

The assault on democracy and human rights that has seemingly taken the tow under PF will only work against PF itself though at the expense of national progressive development. PF as a Party in Government is on a path of self-destruction and soon than later, the Zambian people are going to voice out. Besides, when the beloved children of God cry out to their Lord, their tears are always wiped out and their battles fought for by His Almighty. As blessed as Zambia is, God will not allow his children to suffer beyond redemption. So really some of the strange signs we have started experiencing in Zambia are biblical and the scriptures shall be fulfilled because Zambia has turned against God but God is not a respecter of persons


Concerned Civil Servant

North-western Province

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