PF accreditation to start afresh amid fear of machetes

Accreditation for PF delegates is expected to start afresh today in Kabwe amid ‘panga’ fears and with two parallel registers.

Acting PF president Guy Scott yesterday cancelled the accreditation in Lusaka following the bedlam and ruckus when Willie Nsanda ordered cadres to grab election material.

Today’s accreditation is expected to take the whole day if anarchy does not break loose again though the centre has been taken over by Edgar Lungu supporters. Lungu’s cadres checked into Mulungushi University last night but other delegates are expected to arrive this morning. A dispute over which group is genuine is likely to ensue.

Supporters of other candidates have been blocked. Miles Sampa supporters were last night beaten and jailed by Lungu’ supporters working together with the police.

With their supporters controlling the process, Lungu’s camp is calling for peace and order.

When he cancelled that process at Mulungishi yesterday, acting President Scott said:

“I did ask them not to play, but what we found today was cadres breaking into buildings, taking election materials and tearing them up. Attacking people, intimidating people operating on the accrediting machine into accepting people who are not bona fide members of the Patriotic Front. Just the use of cadre power or thug power to undermine the power of the authority.

“All credentials that have already been issued, from registration centres that we had, are null and void. So if you queued up for a couple of hours this morning for your piece of green badge, I am sorry.

“It is two and a half weeks to go before nominations for these elections. I really sincerely hope it does not happen but we can stretch it for another 18 days if that’s what people want,” he said.

Scott said he was waiting for a police report on the activities that characterised the registration process at Mulungushi.

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