PF accuses govt workers of spending too much time on internet

Some government workers are spending too much time on Facebook and other internet-based social networking during working hours at the expense of service delivery, says labour deputy minister Ronald Chitotela.

Speaking when he met nurses at Kawambwa District Hospital on Monday, Chitotela said it was annoying to note that a lot of man-hours were lost as some workers were busier on the internet than working for the people.

Chitotela, who is Pambashe PF MP, said the government was concerned about reports that some civil servants were wasting time chatting on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and other internet-based social networking at their work places.

He said that spending too much time on the internet for activities that were not related to a worker’s job description was a punishable offence.

He explained that his ministry had put in place monitoring strategies in workplaces to identify workers who were in the habit of spending time on the internet.

“We know that some of the workers report for work to play games on computers while a good number of them keep chatting with their friends on Facebook,” Chitotela said.

Source: Post newspaper

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