PF accuses UPND of punishing farmers

PF accuses UPND of punishing farmers

The Patriotic Front (PF) leadership said UPND government is punishing innocent farmers by failing to provide Food Reserve Agency sacks.

PF Member of the Central Committee in charge of Information and Publicity Rapheal Nakachinda said it is unfortunate that farmers have stayed for two months in depots without being given sacks.

He said the UPND promised to be there for the people but the current situation is unacceptable.

He appealed to President Hakainde Hichilema and Minister of Agriculture to ensure that the situation is resolved.

Meanwhile Mr Nakachinda has given the new dawn government 48 hours ultimatum to start giving out farming inputs to farmers.

“By now farmers should have farming inputs in their homes but what is being said is that they are auditing FISP,” he said.

And Shiwang’andu Member of Parliament Stephen Kampyongo said it is saddening that farmers can be subjected to such suffering.

Mr Kampyongo said farmers will lose out if the situation is not resolved.

He said farming season is around the corner but farmers are languishing at depots.

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    Chisha Banda 1 week ago

    I hope that the New Dawn Government has better things for farmers and the Agriculture Sector. There should be no more FRA and delivery of inputs or announcing the price of maize. There should be no more FISIP which to me sounds like apartheid in agriculture. Just think of it what would be agriculture extension workers be doing without FISIP. Why is it that every year FRA should come to Government asking for money to buy maize from farmers. Something is definitely wrong somewhere. Farmers should be automatically linked to markets and so should be the farming inputs.

    • comment-avatar
      Buck Teeth Lungu 1 week ago

      What are these PFieves complaining about? They should just bring back our money that they stole.

  • comment-avatar
    Chipola Kuyanda 1 week ago

    Lets call a spade a spade, why blame UPND govt for late delivery of farming inputs and other materials like empty grain bags yet they have inherited functioning institutions like FRA whose budgets where done under PF. Our colleagues left alot of problems on the table and these cannot be corrected over night, there is need to be methodical in approach to find solutions or else one may even cause more harm. PF in its chipantepante way of doing things left things hanging in the air with much confidence that they will retain power and continue with their style of doing things in piece meal. This is not time to point fingers at each other. If you check there there is still PF appointed board and management at FRA and these are supposed to be on top of things. If they where abruptly fired and dissolved same people like Nakachinda would be crying foul.