PF actions show they never loved Sata- UPND’s Mutale Nalumango

6th November, 2014

Mourning in Peace

It is with great sense of pride that some relative calm has returned back to our streets as we mourn our  late President Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata. We still reiterate our position for a peaceful transition during this trying moment.

We now know that the PF leadership never cared about their departed colleague and the Zambian Head of State. Instead of peacefully mourning the man who gave them jobs and made them who they are today, they are already campaigning to succeed him no matter the repercussions to the country.

It is now clear to some of us that the senior PF leadership are already tired of mourning their departed colleague and if they had their way, they would have disposed of him by now so that they resume their private luxurious lives which he gave them.

As UPND, we wish to state that this country is not about PF and their violent behavior in the streets of Zambia. This country is for all the more than 13 millions Zambians that have so far enjoyed peace and unity since independence.

We call on police and other law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for those that want to assume leadership through anarchy, chaos, and Pangas regardless of their positions in society.

And we call upon all political players to exercise restraint and control their cadres from any form of anarchy that can easily burn this beloved country.

It is wrong to use the jobless and starving youths for our own selfish and personal gains by sending them to the streets.

We call on the youths to reject being used by selfish and greedy politicians that want to burn the country in their quest to assume leadership at all costs.

As a woman, all my sympathies to Madam Christine Kaseba and her children as we join in mourning their departed dear husband and father.

Mutale Nalumango
UPND- National Chairperson

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