PF admits failure by running filthy Lusaka city

PF admits failure by running filthy Lusaka city

Lusaka District Commissioner Ashwel Kampengele has admitted that the Patriotic Front has failed to provide leadership in Lusaka District.

According to ZNBC PF 13:15 news bulletin, Mr. Kampengele said the PF controlled Lusaka City Council that includes President Sata’s son, has failed to provide drainage and sanitation services to markets and bus stations in the city despite being the largest council in the country.

Mr. Kampengele said this when he toured Buseko Market in Lusaka.

Lusaka city centre is currently wallowing in filthy attributed to the PF legalised street vending.

The only place that may look like a paradise is State House where the city council has been ordered to put lights in front and currently planting carpet grass along Independence Avenue.

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