PF already killed KCM

PF already killed KCM

By Anthony Bwalya

Fellow Zambians, the reason the PF took over Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) was never to develop the mine.

The PF took over the mine in order to MILK it of its available cash resources for campaigns.

The PF have pumped zero amount of cash into KCM since the disputed and hasty takeover, and they have even failed to pay CEC over $150m in electricity bills since the takeover!

The PF used KCM as a conduit to further takeover the private assets of CEC worth over $500m in distribution lines. This was because CEC had attempted to shut down power to KCM for failure by the “liquidator” to pay his electricity bills.

Now that they have sucked all the cash out of KCM and taken it to campaigns, the mine has died ????

Fellow Zambians, our miners are about to become destitutes. There will be no salaries for miners.

Time for change.


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