PF also neglects Vubwi sec school


Like the MMD,pf government has also neglected the problems pupils and teachers face at vubwi day.Vubwi day school was established in 1995 using the tobbaco shades and upto now pupils are still learning in shades.There is a critical shortage of infrastructure such as classes and houses.And yet this school is the only secondary school in the area or funny district.Building this school is not very expensive as the costs are equivalent to a monthly salary of one PF Minister.People in vubwi are amazed and wondering why the PF promised heaven on earth during campaigns when in the actual sense it is from hell to the lake of fire.Vubwi day has very energetic teachers who are being denied alot of services by government.There is also tribalism being practised by a PF Headteacher in school.

As PTA,we are sad because this pf tribalistic headteacher has completely failed to run the school as most programs are being done on Wa kwathu grounds.

PTA MEMBER.don’t expose my email address.

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