PF and ECZ to increase number of MPs to 26 in Lusaka

PF and ECZ to increase number of MPs to 26 in Lusaka

By Patson Chilemba

The ruling PF has increased constituency committees in Lusaka Province from 13 to 26 in anticipation of the announcement by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) on the delimitation exercise that was conducted last year.

But PF secretary general Davies Mwila said there was nothing sinister in the action, saying the ruling party had taken the move to improve service delivery and not because they were working hand in hand with ECZ.

Ruling party insiders have told Daily Revelation that the party expected ECZ to increase the number of constituencies from 13 to 26 in Lusaka, and as a head start they had increased the number of constituency committees in anticipation of that move. The party insiders said they expected the number of seats in Lusaka district alone to increase from seven to 12, with the total for the Province standing at 26.

However, the ECZ has not announced the results of the delimitation of constituencies, wards and polling districts they carried out from July to November, 2019. The exercise was held at all the 116 districts and provinces nationwide.

“As a head start we have increased our constituency committees in Lusaka from 13 to 26, with Lusaka now having 12 instead of seven, Kafue three from one and the whole Province having 26. We expect that the ECZ will increase the constituencies by this number. However, whether ECZ will go ahead or not these committees will remain in place,” the insiders said.

When contacted for comment Mwila said the move had been taken to increase service delivery in the party.

Asked why the party had taken such a move which seemed to portray the picture that the ruling party was working hand and glove with the Commission, Mwila said such questions could not be raised against PF because the move had been taken in Lusaka Province alone.

“We have only done this in Lusaka and not the other provinces,” said Mwila.

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