PF and governance disorder


When your leaders are delusional and detached, you get this kind of conduct:

1. People want the 500,000 jobs but you are busy celebrating 2,000 defectors.

2. You didn’t vaccinate people against cholera and created cholera, then you decide to supply branded tissue.

3. Students want to learn about science and engineering, you give them a minister promoting witchcraft.

4. Chongwe resident want plots and farmland, you give them poisonous nuclear radiation.

5. Farmers want inputs you give them worthless plastic cards.

6. Pupils want inspiring learning graphics, you give them the portrait of Edgar Lungu.

7. You give people Ferrari ambulances before hospital beds.

8. You give people Ferrari fire tenders before hydrants.

9. People are already hungry, but you tell them to fast.

10. People are waiting for you to make good of your promises, you start campaigning again.

11. You push for a national airline for the sake of pride, but you start climbing Ethiopian airlines back.

12. You share a cup of tea with Kabila one day, the following day you start lamenting about refugees spilling in.

13. You ban Mukula trading but arrest citizens who block the smugglers.

Mwaba shani imwe kanshi?

Richard W.

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