PF and MMD have betrayed Zambia on constitution – FDD

What has happened in Parliament were the people’s submissions have been removed is a sham and a betrayal of the people’s trust. Instead of passing the Draft Constitution Bill as recommended by the people, the PF working in collaboration with the MMD have opted to rape and mutilate the Draft Constitution Bill to suit their selfish partisan interests by removing the following clauses from the Bill:

1. Appointment of Cabinet outside Parliament which was meant to ensure the following :
a) Separation of powers to ensure foresight and guarantee good governance
b)Efficient and effective leadership through the appointment of qualified and competent men and women to Cabinet as opposed to the current situation where riffraffs, charlatans, nicompoops and all sorts of political hoodlums are given Ministerial positions on the basis of patronage and political expediency.

2.Mixed-Member Proportional Representation which was meant to ensure the following:

a)To enhance the representation of disadvantaged groups such as women, youths and the disabled.

b)To bring to an end unnecessary and costly by – elections caused by defections of MPs mostly from opposition parties to the ruling party.

3.Provincial Assemblies which were meant to ensure the following:

a)Decentralisation of the governance structure through the devolution of both political and economic power so that the people can have the power to determine their own destiny.

b)To enhance inclusiveness, transparency and accountability in the management of public resources.

All these progressive clauses have been sacrificed for political expediency. What a waste of people’s time and money.

Issued by Antonio Mwanza

FDD Spokesperson

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