PF and power cuts in Ngombe compound


I am a resident of Ngombe Township situated about 2 kilometres from Arcades Shopping Centre and what our neighbourhood is experiencing now is very embarrasing. Just imagine we only have power 5 hours a day and if we have it 10 hours in a day,then it means we will not have power the whole next day.I personally don’t know what PF govenment is thinking for our neighbourhood.

Maybe they want us to RIOT like CBU or UNZA students so that they can see that we do not entertain this cartoon power fights. We have registered the worst reign so far in the PF government from when we became indepndent.Problems you have laid on us are more enough to bear and please try by all means to curb them. I see that you are planning for a state of emergency as you fear a landslide defeated from the opposition in the forth coming presidential elections.

That will never happen and will never ever happen here in Zambia. Think Twice Edgar Lungu for we are not that primitive that we can be fighting for what belongs to us.Your presidency expires on 11st August and that, am assuring you. Thank you for considering our cries for the first time Concerned Ngombe Resident

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