PF appoints Willie Nsanda junior to head its militia wing

Willy Nsanda Junior has confirmed that he is the Head of the PF deadly militia which was trained with the help of president Lungu to cause havoc against the UPND members during rallies.

Confirming his post as advised by Yoweri Museveni, Mr Nsanda junior said he has close to 5000 PF brutal youths whose only assignment will be to beat up any UPND members and disrupting their rallies. Mr Nsanda said after injuring the UPND members and disrupting their rallies, he will be rushing to the media to condemn violence and blame the UPND for perpetuating it. Mr Nsanda disclosed the evil secretes to one of our reporter who is also a PF supporter in Lusaka this morning.

And as if telling our reporter was not enough, the junior Nsanda posted his job on a PF Whatsapp group and these were his words:

“I am going to Muvi Tv to denounce violence. This morning i received a call from muvitv asking me if i could feature on a programme to denounce violence and i accepted so that i can disguise myself. The secrete is that the President has authorised me to use maximum violence against any UPND carders and disrupt their meeting.

We will be dealing ruthlessly with the UPND as a way of preventing the party from campaigning and the police will always be at our side. After injuring UPND carders, we will be rushing to the media houses to denounce violence and ZNBC will be favouring us as they did with Matero incident where our PF armed men attacked their rally and the blame was put on UPND”, said Mr Nsanda. He also admitted that he is the one behind the violence against the UPND as he is paid for that. “Friends as you know that I am the commander of the PF armed PF youth wing, today I have a swollen knee, swollen ankle and a cut on my left leg which i suffered yesterday during the battle with the vulnerable UPND in the North-mead. Ba Kembo baleposa amabwe to defend themselves, kikikikikiki, but we defeated them despite deliberately provoking them.

We provoked the UPND and beat with badly when they were returning from their press conference”, admitted Willy Nsanda. For confirmation, please ask Mr Nsanda the PF Militia Leader on this number 0977225303, and prove our intelligence sources right or wrong.

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