PF are taking Zambian votes for granted

Dear Editor

Wynter Kabimba is that symbol of decadance and cacoonery that has now engulfed Zambian politics. Zambians voted for pf believing that thier economic and social welfare would undergo a dramatic improvement following a pro poor stance Michael Sata echoed through out his whole election campaign trail. But barely a year into office signs have began to show that the poor and their plight is the least concern and priority of Sata’s regime.

Sata has taken advantage of the popularity that won him the presidency to consolidate draconian laws such as the ‘public order act’ while sweeping underneath anything that would put a spot-light on possible government misgivings. The ‘public information bill’ has been sidelined ignoring the fervent promises they previously gave for it’s introduction.

To date the nation has been greeted with a series of shocking government spearheaded moves all in the interest of the ruling elite at variance with their pro poor rhetoric. A statutory instrument effectively doubling the president’s salary, secretly annouced, side stepping parliament, without the courtesy of even a simple explanation, was the pinnacle publicly exposing their real agenda.

If Kabimba, as Justice Minister and a lawyer by profession, has the audacity to flaunt and disregard the law by the act of engaging street hooligans to prevent his interrogation for his alleged corrupt dealings, should Zambians and the world at large, be surprised at the impunity of the head of state to disregard the law? In fact Sata has publicly declared that he is above the law. Sata simply ignores government procedure and decrees unbudgeted for expenses.

The message is clear. The president and ruling elite enjoy certain privileges that ordinary Zambians are expected not question. The result is that now immorial bills are passed in parliament without debate. Just recently, two ridiculously immoral bills were  approved by parliament: of monetary allocation for construction of a retirement home for a president who is barely one year into office when other former heads of state still live in rented accommodation and funding for a non existent ‘office of the first lady’.

But will Sata’s popular support last for long? Something is amiss. Some parts of Zambia are experiencing staple food shortages for the first time in 20 years. The change Zambians voted for was for the better, not for the worse and if this pf regime assumes that political rhetoric is enough to appease the people, they are in for a rude shock.

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