PF arms its polling agents with guns on voting day, one disarmed in Rufunsa

The UPND and MMD this morning apprehended a Patriotic Front (PF) polling agent in Rufunsa who was intimidating voters with a pistol at Chimusanya polling station in the ongoing local government by-election. He had 12 rounds of ammunition.

The cadre identified as Geoffrey Chilufya, NRC number 171542/45/1 confessed to the opposition parties that the PF leadership had given some strategic youths fire-arms to cause confusion in by elections were the running party is facing resistance.

They have since disarmed the gun-wielding cadre who has since been taken to the police station.

Just this week again in Mufumbwe PF cadre Judge Ngoma assaulted a UPND councilor and was also found with a fire arm.

The alert UPND and MMD polling agents observed that Chilufya was busy intimidating and threatening anyone who was opposition that he would shoot them.

One of the eyewitnesses told the Watchdog that Chilufya was boasting that he was untouchable and that he would not hesitate to shoot at opposition member who provoked him.

Meanwhile, PF cadres have beaten and wounded UPND Lusaka province chairperson Mr Bauleni. The cadres beat up Mr Bauleni as he with other opposition members tried to confiscate the gun from Chilufya.

MMD, UPND and the ruling PF are contesting the Rufunsa by election which fell vacant following the death of the area councilor. 

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