PF asks OP to help determine popularity of candidates

In the latest abuse of state intelligence, the Patriotic Front through State House has submitted a list of potential candidates to Office of the President Special Division to scrutinise who is popular and not.
According to an Intelligence Source, the PF has asked the OP to help the party with adoption of candidates.
This means that all those who have applied to stand on the PF tickets will have their privacy invaded.
Among the persons on the list that was submitted to the OP by Mumbi Phiri the Deputy Secretary General and seen by the Zambian Watchdog are:  Paul Kabwe, Michael Mulenga, Charles Chikwelete, Reverand Jevan Kamanga, Bowman Lusambo, Rejoice Matutu, Dr. Jonas Kamima Chanda, Henry Chilombo, Nedson Nzowa, Alfred Kaira, Ackson Simwizye, Gadge Katongo Chali, Miss Chidongo Chawezi Msichili Changufu,  Zacharia Machaliwa and Brigadier General Chola Museba. These are part of the people aspiring to stand for PF on the Copperbelt province as Members of Parliament.
Names for Executive Mayors and Council Chairpersons are Mike Manda, Charity Mpande Nanda, Titus Tembo, Samuel Munthali, Christopher Chansa, Elario Musonda and Vilango Nyirenda.
More names will be published later.

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