PF authored “seditious letter” on Tongas against Bembas backfiring and embarrassing

The PF Government-engineered “seditious letter” which was  attributed to a non-existing “Tonga on Oath” grouping has back fired and is causing embarrassment and confusion to the PF Government, according to reliable sources within the PF inner circles.

The source who collaborated the earlier information to the watchdog that the letter was engineered by PF government and was supposed to be planted at the UPND Secretariat during the police search so that UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and others could be arrested in connection with the planted seditious materials.

“However, you guys the Watchdog pre-empted the action by reporting about it and they had no other option other than causing its publication through deputy media heads who, after writing the stories, abused their authorities to attribute the writing of the story to reporters who had no idea about it. You know how some of these chaps enjoy by-lines, but because they knew that the story was false, they avoided using their names. However, if the letters were not written by the PF, the police would have by know already picked up the reporters whose names appeared on the story for investigations ”, said the source.

The source said that there was no way government-controlled media institutions could have published the contents of the letter which bordered on inciting tribal hatred, conflict and violence which could lead to civil war without the involvement of the ministry of information and state house.

“In any case, it is clear that the letter was given to the media by the PF agents that is why the pro-PF media found it comfortable to publish it. President Sata himself says the letter was delivered to the state by a known UPND MP and was written in Lusaka and not in  Mazabuka as claimed. The question is, why have the police not arrested the known MP to help with investigations?”, the source questioned.

On the other hand, the president is sharply differing with Southern Province Police commanding officer Charity Katanga who claimed that police were closing in on suspects in Southern Province yet president Sata says the authors are in Lusaka and wanted to create a wrong impression that Tongas were behind the letter.  Worse still, the president says an MP delivered the letter while others said it was posted from Mazabuka. There is confusion I can tell you and a number of people within PF are embarrassed about this scheme which  is backfiring bad and big time”, he said.

He said the use of Tonga’s was aimed at associating the group to UPND to create a false, over used and false accusation that UPND was a tribal party in order to slow down the fast increasing popularity of HH across the country due to the failed leadership of PF.

“They [PF] are determined to do anything against HH, including using the police and the media to harm his reputation, but so far it seems that every such effort is just making  the man [HH] more popular because he is speaking the truth on behalf of the majority ”, he  observed.

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