PF backs down on forcing Zambians to test for HIV

PF backs down on forcing Zambians to test for HIV

In a clear sign of defeat, Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya says there will be no mandatory HIV testing.

Speaking on the World’s worst national broadcaster the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation Sunday Intweview programme, Dr.Chilufya who contradicted  himself and his boss Edgar Lungu said medical officials will only test patients that will show symptoms of HIV. This is actually another stupid statement.

“What has ignited the debate is just the issue of semantics here. What we are saying is that when you come to the health facility, the health care provider will off course counsel you and based on the symptoms, you will be advised to undergo an HIV test as a routine. So, it is not mandatory because as Government, we are alive to the issue of human rights, ethics and global standards,” he said.

This is the same chap who was saying ‘It is not your human right to infect others with HIV.’

Before going gallivanting to Rwanda and South Africa where he was embarrassed, Edgar Lungu said HIV testing will mandatory and it was non debatable.

Dr. Chilufya himself who is a Public Health Specialist also at media briefing together with Amos Chanda Lungu’s Spokesperson and Kampamba Mulenga emphasised that HIV testing will be mandatory.

Lungu even advised those against mandatory testing to go to PF controlled courts.

EDITOR’S NOTE. Do you remember that we told you that this was another embarrasing withdrawal and defeat?

Now PF enters a Heath Nolle.

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