PF bandits continue looting public resources


By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

I recognise fully, that the country is in the middle of a public health crisis, and that all our collective attention must be channelled towards ensuring that we navigate this storm and keep our people alive.

However, this will not and must not stop all patriotic Zambians from raising awareness around the continued lawless plunder of our national assets and resources by the Patriotic Front (PF) regime.

And let me state here and now, that every vote we give to the PF regime is a crime against the people of this country, because each one of this vote will be used to entrench and justify criminal activities AGAINST our country and our people by PF government officials.

On November 8 2017, President Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND raised a flag, on balance of credible inside information, that the PF regime had in fact sold the land on which Lusaka’s Chimbokaila Correctional facility sits to a foreign private company, in which high ranking members of the PF at the highest level of government have a beneficial interest. In fact, close to $3 million was paid and received a kickback by a high ranking government official at the Ministry of Home Affairs in order to smoothen this transaction.

This is the same guy who benefitted heavily in the fraudulent acquisition of Fire Tenders at $42 million.

As usual, the mafia thugs at the heart of the PF government were quick to deny this and accused the UPND and it’s leadership of peddling lies and innuendo.

Only yesterday, Stephen Kampyongo, Minister for Home Affairs, admitted that the prime land on which Chimbokaila sits has since been sold to a majority private investor from Kenya, called Green Capital Holdings, using a hastily constituted subsidiary called Mukuyu Ventures.

The level of criminality being perpetrated by the PF is on such a grand scale that public institutions of law and order are paralysed to do anything to stop this. This is what happens when you take a known thug off the streets of Katondo to run an entire government Ministry.

The country has also been warned, that NRDC, as well as parts of both Kafue and Luangwa National Parks have already been transacted in such dirty and illegal deals involving known PF Ministers.

The PF will not stop this unhindered culture of grand corruption and criminality. It is what keeps them in power.

As we are sleeping, they are preparing to launch an illegal assault on Zambia’s Eurobonds by leveraging the corrupt activities of investment bankers to pay themselves heavy commissions in the name of restructuring our public debt, and then turn around to own vast portions of it.

Zambians must wake up now and take back our country.

There will never be another Zambia.

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