PF barred journalists from parliament to hide Sata’s condition – Fr Bwalya

PF barred journalists from parliament to hide Sata’s condition – Fr Bwalya





Alliance for Better Zambia president Frank Bwalya says the PF regime barred independent journalists from covering the opening of parliament to hide president’s Michael Sata’ s true appearance.

Fr Bwalya was reacting to PF government sspokesperson Joseph Katema who said the PF government did not bar any media organization from covering last Friday’s official opening of Parliament.

In his denial, Katema apportioned blame to the National Assembly saying his government accredited journalists through Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) but that it was up parliament to allow journalists or not.

Katema said although 129 media practitioners were accredited, the logical arrangements of the official opening of Parliament were left to the National Assembly.

He said in the same spirit of upholding the tenets of democracy, the Executive wing of government will not interfere in the work of the Judiciary and the Legislature.

But Fr Bwalwa has dismissed Katema’ statement as ‘cheap lies and propaganda’.

Fr Bwalya was heard on Radio Phoenix Monday morning saying the decision was part of the PF’s continued attempt to hide the truth about Sata’s condition to the public.

He said Zambians were now enlightened and they know who is telling lies and who is telling the truth.

Fr Bwalya said the government knew that they could not manipulate private journalists and hence decided to block them from covering Sata.

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