PF begin campaigns in Kabwe ward by election

Barely a month after the death of PF Highridge ward area councilor Tasila Hara, PF Kabwe district have shortlisted candidates and have began campaigns in the area even before the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) announce the date of elections.

Sources close to the party have told the Zambian Watchdog that the party has already chosen a businessman who runs a dirty bar in town to contest because they are scared of the dwindling popularity in the area due to unfulfilled promises and under development in the town.

As part of the campaigns, government has ordered Asphalt Roads Zambia (ARZ) to speed up works on the 34 kilometres road project which involves corrupt Lusaka deputy Mayor Mulenga Sata and has been dilly dallying since 2011 but residents have vowed not to be swayed by this window dressing.

A check by the Watchdog revealed ARZ earth moving equipment hurriedly working on the roads, but Kabwe voters are people you cannot take for granted. In 1996, when Sata was MMD national secretary they openly rejected then ruling MMD Kabwe central constituency candidate Paul Tembo who was Sata’s deputy and voted for an independent candidate Captain Austin Chewe and in 2011 they rejected MMD cosmetic projects and voted for PF which has now disappointed them.

Residents are looking forward to the election which they have described as an ‘issue based election’ to remind the ruling party of the lies arrogance. The past two by elections in Kabwe central constituency have both been won by the opposition MMD including the Kaputula ward where soldiers defied directives to vote for the PF candidate.

In Highridge Ward, the party is hoping to use directives to policemen in Chowa police camp to amass votes, but what about the poor conditions the police have been subjected to, poor housing, scrapping of electricity allowances and other incentives taken away from the men in uniform.

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