PF behaviour in Ndola bad



The UPND will be having a rally in Lubuto township in Kabushi constituency of Ndola  tomorrow 3/08/2016 around 11:00hrs to be graced by UPND president, HH. As the UPND campaign team go round informing the public, the pf also started going round at the same demonising the UPND and calling them all sorts of provokative words using their loud speakers in the streets. Why can’t they just let their friends pass the information without any disturbance from the pf? Whenever the UPND are campaigning here, they are always intimidated or threatened by the sent pf cadres. They (PF) are feeling the heat here and they will not have it easy come next week. Unfortunately for PF, people in Kabushi constituency are fed up with the conduct and they will go in numbers to the UPND’s rally tomorrow morning in Lubuto.

(Concerned citizen)

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