PF blame anybody else, but themselves for mealie-meal shortages

The ruling PF has now blamed anybody else other than themselves for the critical shortages of mealie meal and maize in the country.

On the shortage of mealie meal on the Copperbelt, the PF leadership have blamed neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, millers and the opposition political parties.

In Eastern province, the PF leadership recently blamed erratic ZESCO supply, broken milling companies and Malawians for the critical shortages of mealie meal in the area.

In a familier UNIP style statement in today’s PF controlled Post newspaper, Copperbelt minister Mwenya Musenga says the shortage of 25 kg bags of breakfast mealie-meal in most parts of the country could be a political ploy by some millers and opposition parties working together to undermine the government.

Musenge has also blamed the police officers for the shortages as they are allowing mealie-meal to pass through check points going into neighbouring countries.

He said PF would soon engage PF cadres to run police check points as they had lost faith in police officers.

He said there were individuals wanting to undermine the government to gain political mileage.

“As far as we are concerned, milling companies are producing mealie-meal and the country has enough. The question is: where is it going? There is a puzzle that needs to be undone. There is something seriously wrong and we are making headways on these issues,” Musenge told the PF Post.

The Watchdog has been revealing that the PF government has been engaging their cadres to export maize to neighbouring countries such as Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Malawi.


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