PF blames God for impending heavy load shedding

Zambians should brace for increased load shedding that will start very soon, but the PF government blames God for sending little rains to Zambia.

Zesco Limited says it has removed 300 megawatts (MW) of electricity from the national grid due to low water levels caused by poor rainfall experienced in the country.

And Zesco has run out of pre-paid meter boxes resulting in several clients still waiting to have their properties installed with the facility. It is not clear whom ZESCO blames for this – maybe Satan.

Zesco acting managing director Victor Mundende told one of the government controlled newspapers that ince 90 percent of the power generated in Zambia is produced using water, the poor rainfall has affected supply.
“Rainfall recorded was below average resulting in low water levels. We have reduced generation and this is a prudent thing to do. So far, we have removed 300mw from the national grid as a result of this natural occurrence. We appeal to clients to help us manage power by using it rationally, especially that we are going into peak period [cold season] where usage of heaters, air conditioners, among others, will increase,” he said.

The truth is that even when there were floods in Zambia, there were heavy load shedding but of course the PF Zesco had other excuses. What is causing load shedding is poor planning and incompetency. ZESCO new from Meteorological reports that there would be less rains this year. They could have planned ahead. Other countries in the region such as Zimbabwe and Botswana depend on the same water Zesco is talking about but they planned ahead.
Mundende compared Zambia to a poor family sharing crumbs of dry bread.
“We are trying to spread the reduced power equally. For example, if you have a full loaf of bread, you can have four slices each, but if you have half a loaf of bread, you will be forced to have two slices so that everyone benefits,” he said.
Meanwhile, Zesco director of distribution and customer service Muntungwa Mugala confirmed that the company has in the past experienced a shortage of prepaid meter boxes due to increased demand.
“It is not true, we have [meters] in stock and installation is going on smoothly, but we’ve had a problem that has now been resolved…” Mr Mugala said.
But sources within Zesco confirmed that the company has run out of prepaid meter boxes because the consignments supplied by the manufacturer of Ndola were defective and Zesco returned them.

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