PF blocks Nevers Mumba from conducting rallies

The 28th February Mpongwe by election tension has continued to grow as the ruling PF has continued to intimidate the opposition by refusing them to hold rallies and arresting their cadres, but MMD leader Dr Mumba has vowed to go ahead with the rallies.

Mumba has told the Watchdog in a phone interview that efforts by the opposition parties to hold rallies were being frustrated by the Electoral commission of Zambia and the police. “I was in Livingstone to hold political rallies, I was told that We cannot have rallies there because the President will be in the area, then I changed to come to Mpongwe and today I am told it is not possible to hold rallies because of the Vice president’s presence but the PF are holding rallies, and Sata and Scott are not coming here on state duties they are coming for PF campaigns, the ground is not leveled,” complained Dr. Mumba.
Sources from the Human rights commission (HRC) have confirmed the reported violence being perpetuated by the ruling PF but fear to speak against them as the commissioners fear being dropped. “Yes we have cases of violence but as you may be aware the commissioners have an ‘allegiance’ to the president instead of the country  so they cannot criticize this but if the violence was perpetrated by the opposition, it could have been criticized outrightly,” said a source.
Meanwhile the two UPND supporters who have been in police detention since Wednesday have been denied police bond despite not being charged with any offence. The three are Godwin Chakolwa, Ezekiel Andelekiya and Alick Shamabanse the candidate for the Mwansobe ward by-election.
Efforts to get a comment from copperbelt provincial police commissioner failed as her phone went unanswered.

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