PF boss Mumbi Phiri insults dissenting members

PF boss Mumbi Phiri insults dissenting members

Mumbai Phiri insults PF members
…goes ballistic
Patriotic Front deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri over the weekend went ballistic when some PF members expressed concern over the leadership failure and their open support for Chishimba Kambwili in a WhatsApp group.
Mumbai Phiri insulted some member only identified as Jack accusing him of sleeping with his own mother.
Jack who was suggesting that PF needs to rebrand was abused and insulted by Mumbai Phiri.
See the screenshot exchanges below:

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    Tizaona chipuba nidani

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    Charles 2 weeks ago

    Can Zambian Watchdog please give us the genesis of this correspondence as I would like to know how this conversation degenerated to insulting match.

    Clearly Mama Mumbi Phiri should control herself being our National Leader.In this matter she completely lowered herself and as a Catholic herself she might need to go for confession before receiving Holy Communion.But more importantly,let her apologize to Jack and the the general public who have been exposed to this uncouth behavior.

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    Shame budabwaku bosola.

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    Mumbi, allow me to address you in Bemba, the Language you understand better. I say this because you are a disgrace to your Government and the Nation, Worse to your Party because we now understand that this is the party of savages. a married woman , a deputy National secretary of a ruling party . Do you have morals? Do you have respect to your President ? A Nominated member of parliament, appointed by a respected President? this shows the behaviour of the entire leadership in PF. coming to to you, I think you have a useless Husband , who have no control over you . in bemba i can simply say Niwe Chitongo , tashalilile. walitinina Lunshi pamenso. chilende . Niwe munshebwa tabakuchindile, Tawakwata kakope, Ayabula noko. wasebanya ulubemba, Ulichinkula,

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    MUMBI PHIRI 2 weeks ago


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    U are kin to be on power,are u even thinking abov the future of our children if the environment is not conducive for many years shall it
    take for the chosen wise leader to heal the injuries u have inflicted on zambians.u ar worse than any regime that ever ruled zambia.u have messed things up.stop insulting people who are thinking of already destroyed souls of zambians

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    Mumbi have u lost ur mind or what, do u know how we are suffering you,you manage to eat three meals per day us we ar failing to have even for for raunch but u are buzzing like a bamble bee u want to be benefiting frm the coffers of our resources. due to ur lecklessness u have allowed people of shi zhing ping to colonise us once again when kaunda fought for that i go to china if i wil be employed today money has become scarce becouse of ur poor governance u have failed us we are suffering get the point mumbi