PF branded millie meal produced in prison using public funds

In his continued abuse of authority, president Edgar Lungu has gone a step further to order the Mukobeko Maximum Prison Milling plant to make mealie meal and brand it with PF campaign information, “Vote for Lungu bla bla bla”.

The Milling plant is the one that Lungu recently commissioned but instead of it serving it’s intended purpose, the plant is now busy serving one individual’s interest and we can imagine at what cost and on whose expense.

This said Lungu mealie meal is distributed on the Copperbelt and in Lusaka but the distribution is done mainly at night and is given as gifts with the hope of getting votes from the recipients.

A Mukobeko personnel contacted confirmed this matter to our journalist and said that the plant has been busy with production ever since it was commissioned but its production was so far streamlined to carter for the campaigns.

We would like to send a strong warning to Percy Chota and the Officer in Charge at Mukobeka to stop this abuse of State Machinery and resources because there is coming a time when he will have to stand alone to defend this abuse…and Chagwa will not be there.

We also sincerely advise out to UPND and FDD to lodge in a formal complaint with ECZ…we know ECZ has no teeth but the matter will remain in their records at least.

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