PF bribes cause stampede in Chilubi church

PF bribes cause stampede in Chilubi church



Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya’s offering at the Chilubi Parish today caused an uproar disturbing the church programme as Christians started fighting over the money.

Chilufya attended mass at the parish and made an offering of K10,000.00, another K5000 he said was to be shared amongst the four church choir groups and another K2,500.00 to be shared amongst the youths.

Choir members stormed out of the church to the nearest maize field arguing amongst themselves with others suggesting that the money be used to buy musical instruments while others opted for cash saying the money was for buying their votes.

As Chilufya was driven away from the church, members started shoving and pushing each other over the money as their leaders gave out K10 notes to whoever overpowered the others.

Choir members had a bitter quarrel in the maize field as the youths were also involved in another scuffle with the Church Treasurer over their money.

All members came out of the church and their leaders locked themselves I side by the members managed to go in and started sharing the money at the alter.

Others were being given the money through the church windows.


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