‘PF bribes Vubwi councillors’

The By-elections for councillors which will be held in three wards in Vubwi constituency have been deliberately caused by PF group.

They started pleading with the councillors to defect from their parties sometimes back in February 2013.

Hard cash money of about kr6000 was used to bribe the councillors to resign from their opposition parties and join PF. The DC Vubwi released her new vehicle to ferry the three councillors to Mchinji boma in Malawi at Joels motel where PF gave the poor councillors hard cash and they resigned immediately.

PF government seems to continue wasting tax payers money on unnecessary by elections instead of developing rural areas.These by elections rooming are caused by government with the motive to put the opposition parties to rest in their graves.We wish peaceful  By-elections in wards in Vubwi.

Don’t expose my address.


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