PF bribing voters in Zambezi West with relief maize

The ruling PF government is panicking and has moved to bribe voters in Zambezi West Constituency in North-Western province by distributing relief food, neglecting many other parts of the country such as Kazungula where people are surviving on wild fruits but have not received any help because there is no by-election in the area.

One of the residents of Zambezi West who has stayed in the area for more than 12 years has told the Watchdog that Zambezi has two constituencies which are Zambezi West and East, but currently only Zambezi west where a by-election has been declared is received massive attention while their brothers and sisters in Zambezi East have been neglected like many other parts of the country where people are starving but no help from government because there are no by-elections.

The Permanent Secretary for North-Western province Augustine Seyuba and all the 8 District Commissioners in the province are spearheading the selective distribution of relief food to Zambezi West and were last week camped for the whole week in the area distributing relief food.

Watchdog reporters that attended a meeting addressed by Seyuba and DCs at Kakoto village learnt that the meeting, which was meant to be for Gender Based Violence (GBV), was turned into a campaign center for PF where people were being told more lies about what PF were planning to do in the area.

At that meeting attended by Zambiawatchdog reporters that were trailing Mr. Seyuba and his DCs, they openly told the residents that they can only continue receiving relief food if they voted for the PF candidate in the forth-coming by-election.

And as if to honour the campaign promises, two Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Choppers landed at Zambezi Airstrip on Christmas Day with relief food and ZAF trucks with fuel for choppers are also currently packed at the airstrip to provide support.

The same day around 19hrs a local truck was hired from a businessman to ferry 2000 bags of white maize from Zambezi Food Reserve Agency depot to the airstrip where the choppers were packed and being loaded to various areas of the constituency.

A resident told the Watchdog that for the first time in the history of the constituency, Zambezi West airspace is busy with choppers airlifting maize to bribe voters, even before the election date is announced as the case is still in court to determine the qualification of Mr. Charles Charles Kakoma who recently lost the case at the Supreme Court.

“Our concern is since the PF government took over power in 2011, there has never been relief maize in the area. And we are wondering why the PS and all the 8 DCs are only concentrating on Zambezi West and not Zambezi East and other constituencies in the province since hunger knows no by-election,” some residents told the Watchdog in the area.

The PF are determined to win a number of seats that will see them gain 206 majority in parliament to enable them doctor the constitution.

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