PF brutality caused voter apathy in Kaoma by-elections-Katuka

UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has charged that Thursday’s council chairmanship by-election recorded low voter turnout in protest against PF brutality and failed leadership.
Below is the full statement:
Lusaka_11th October 2019- Kaoma District of Western Province has 47,789 voters. Kaoma district houses two constituencies namely, Kaoma Central and Mangango constituencies.
Both Kaoma Central and Mangango Constituencies have 66 polling stations in total and 87 polling streams.
The election results in the Kaoma by-election are as follows:
UPND – 7801
PF – 7649
UPPZ – 431
Rejected votes – 193
Votes cast – 16074 representing 34%
Number of registered voters -47,789
The number of voters who did not participate – 31,715 representing 66%.
The reason for this huge apathy of 66% of the registered voters who did not turn out is that they are boycotting the PF failed leadership, brutality and Dracula type bloodsucking murderers.
PF also went into Kaoma with mealie meal, meat bicycles and motorbikes for bribing voters.
Edgar Lungu further went to abuse government resources by taking with him a delegation of over 300 people from Lusaka.
A Zambia Army bus was used to ferry cadres which for us amounts to abuse of public office.
A Zambia Air force Helicopter flew over UPND rally, an act which amounts to provocation.
Unfortunately, all this happened in full view of the compromised Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).
It is shameful that ECZ failed to disqualify PF from participating even after they continued terrorising villagers with fire arms, machetes and stones.
PF’s Killing of our supporter was not enough, gun shots continued as late as the midnight of 10th October 2019.
It is not a secret that PF wanted to capitalize on apathy in order to rig elections.
The understanding is that rigging operates on low voter turnout.
When the voter turnout is high, it is difficult to rig.
Moving forward, if the electorate continue to stay away from voting, they will be endorsing the hunger situation to continue.
If they stay away from voting, they are also saying the electricity load shedding, delayed salaries for civil servants, high mealie meal prices, high electricity tariffs, high price of fuel and more problems generally should continue.
We therefore call upon all Zambians to turn up in big numbers in all the elections to come.
Issued by:
Stephen Katuka
UPND Secretary General

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