PF buying and intimidating Kasama residents to gather for Lungu

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PF cadres are cashing in K150 for a UPND t-shirt to stage manage defections during President Lungu’s rally today, 17/7/2016.

This is in a bid to avoid embarrassing their President. The PF popularity in the northern province has been lost. The plan was devised after President Edgar Lungu’s advance team in Kasama discovered that PF has lost popularity and a lot of youthful members while they were many people dressed in UPND regalia all over Kasama and Lukashya Constituencies.

A “watermelon” in their team revealed that the visiting team from Lusaka held a meeting with the locals to discuss what they were going to do to avoid their President from seeing UPND cadres especially along the airport road.

The meeting resolved to intimidate and beat up anyone seen in UPND regalia but some members rejected the plan and said UPND cadres were now too many, following the defections of well known youths to UPND and UDF” said the water melon.

The PF team then resolved to buy the UPND t shirts at K150 so that their cadres wear them and pretend to be UPND members who will then be made to defect to PF during the rally President Lungu will address tomorrow. The watermelon revealed that the PF aspiring parliamentary candidate Kelvin Sampa, who has lost popularity to GBM’s daughter Sibongile Mwamba, told the team that they should make sure that President Lungu does not see any UPND regalia so that he still believes that Kasama is still PF’s stronghold.

President Lungu will be in Kasama today and is expected to address a rally .
*A survey at the town centre revealed that excited Kasama residents were looking forward to President Lungu’s arrival so that he can direct them where they can buy the K45 mealie meal he had promised the Zambian people.

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