PF Buying Voters’ Cards in North-Western Province  


Reports reaching us is that alert concerned citizens have unearthed and reported a scam in North Western Province where PF is in the rampage giving away bicycles, blowers, Zamtel mobile phones and DVD players to the electorates around Solwezi in exchange for voters cards. Concerned citizens have since reported the matter to ACC Solwezi Office through the ACC Election Monitoring Committee Chairperson Jackson Malunga. It has been confirmed that the scheme is being driven by PF Provincial Executive members among them Jackson Kungo, Provincial Publicity Secretary and Reverend Thom Mushinge. The Desperation in the PF camp came as a result of the overwhelming support that UPND is enjoying in the province and the recent splitting of the PF after a large part of its provincial executive have defected to the newly formed Rainbow Party. Kungo was even heard castigating the DCs in the province saying they had taken a layback in these by-elections because they were appointed by Wynter Kabimba. He was even saying DCs like Chrispin Likando(Solwezi DC) and Lawrence Kayumba(Chavuma DC) among others who were even earmarked for adoption as PF Parliamentary candidates for 2016 shall not be allowed to stand on the PF as it was evident that they were not genuine PF members but friends of Kabimba. He accused the DCs of not campaigning for PF as other DCs in other provinces were doing and that Edgar Lungu must drop all of them if he wins the 2oth Jan, 2015 elections. Meanwhile, the PF officials that joined Rainbow Party which is headed by the PF losing candidate in the Solwezi Central by election( Mr Malwa) is in the field campaigning for HH.


OP Operative


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