PF buying voters on queue as Judge Ngoma fires gun shots

PF buying voters on queue as Judge Ngoma fires gun shots

PF has engaged in massive vote-buying in Livingstone. An incident has just occured at Apostolic Faith Church polling Station in Zambezi Ward where some UPND Officials pounced on serviral PF Officials from Lusaka and CopperBelt that included a Mr Bwalya and Judge Ngoma giving K10 to each person heading in the direction of the Polling Station.

At this point, Judge Ngoma started firing gunshots in the air and threatening to shoot Opposition Officials who dared to go aheard and shoot.

After some mobilisation from UPND , they managed to pick 1 PF official whom they took to Central Police ,but there was more to come as 6 vehicles that included ZESCO Hilux Reg no-ALB 3181 being driven by Judge Ngoma and 4 other Landcruisers with a Carter started chassing the UPND BMW ,which was heading into Town while shooting live bullets in the air threatening other road users to give way for their vehicles in an attempt to stop the UPND Officials from taking their coleague to Police.Just near town, the other Landcruiser Reg no. ABL-4738 bushed a UPND BMW .
Meanwhile, UPND Officials managed to reach Central Police to report the matter.

But at the police station, it was the UPND officials who were arrested as Ngoma shot tires of UPND officials.

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