PF buys and distributes electric shock guns for its cadres

PF buys and distributes electric shock guns for its cadres

taserx26A Juldan Bus conductor made a glorious mistake after he contacted Nakonde Police to collect a consignment without knowing it contained deadly weapons  from  PF leaders in to PF cadres in Nakonde and other towns. The boxes  contained Stun and Taser guns (incapacitating weapons that momentarily disables  a person with an electric shock)  but the recipients were not indicated on the boxes.

There was confusion at Nakonde Bus station and Nakonde Police after some people sent some boxes to Nakonde using Juldan Bus but did not indicate the names or contact numbers .

However , as the Bus arrived at Nakonde station around 05 am , the conductor discovered some boxes where still not collected forcing the station authority to check . The boxes were written POLICE TASERS and STUN GUNS ..but no receivers name or numbers.

Upon reading on the boxes POLICE TASERS and STUN GUNS ..immediately they were all convinced the parcel belonged to Nakonde Police and contacted the station.

Around 08 am , two boys who happen to be well known Patriotic Front cadres in Nakonde, Zonde and Mabvuto  who have been involved in the past committing spates of political violence around Nakonde boarder arrived on the scene  and demanded to collect the contraband . They told Juldan Bus station managers that it was their luggage sent to them by their Bosses in Lusaka for PF Nakonde Youths.

Few minutes later  a Police van from Nakonde Police arrived demanding for the same boxes. Upon being told the boxes have been collected by PF cadres Police demanded to know what it is that was contained that was written Police TASERS and Stun guns .

Police launched a man hunt for PF cadres who ran away into Tunduma across the Police to hide the boxes. After a day’s search , one of them was picked from one of the Lodges and was taken to Police.. Realising that Police were eager to collect those weapons ..Mabvuto phoned Zonde to bring the plastic which he did after some time. Much to the surprise of everybody including the Police , Zonde arrived with a plastic containing 5 Tasers guns and 3 Stun guns claiming that was all they collected from Juldan prompting Police to pick Juldan Bus conductors and Drivers for questioning at the Police. The Juldan workers told Police that , what they brought was a suck that contained 2 big boxes one written Police Tasers and the other Police Stun Guns original prints on the big boxes and not the plastic Zonde had just taken to Police .

So as we speak , PF cadres have received a consignment of deadly weapons like a taser mostly used for torture that provide electric shock if discharged on any warm blooded living thing causing paralysis and collapse of its target due to blocked blood movement.

A Stun gun can be shot from a distant range with emissions that provide the same electric shock that freeze veins and a person or animal falls with a partial paralysis.

With such behaviour in the ruling Party who qualifies to be training militias that need to be condemned ?

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