PF buys ‘defectors’ for Edgar Lungu’s Mongu meeting today

PF buys ‘defectors’ for Edgar Lungu’s Mongu meeting today

Alexas Luhila

Alexas Luhila

As Edgar Lungu heads into Mongu today, PF have hired some people to defect to the party, among them is professional defector Alexis Luhila, his wife Frdah, Richard Mwapela and some PF cadres ferried from other parts of Western province.

In reward, Luhila and former Western province minister in MMD Mwapela have been given contracts to build infrastructure in the newly created districts of Nkeyema and Mulobezi. Together with other PF cadres ferried from Sennga,Mulobezi, Sesheke and Lukulu, they are camped at a named lodge in Mongu and will be paraded as defectors. The other cadres are being given allowances ranging from K200 to K500 by Lungu and Inonge Wina.

Here is a brief history of the professional defector Luhila. He was a UNIP member but he stood and won in Lukulu East as an independent candidate when UNIP boycotted elections in 1996. In 2001 he stood on FDD ticket and lost; then in 2003 as usual he defected to MMD during a by election which he won.He recontested the seat in 2006 but again was trounced. He was later shunted into foreign service.

Just two months ago, Luhila defected from MMD to UPND at a meeting in Mongu and today he is defecting to PF. Like old Daniel Munkombwe puts it, this is politics of the belly.

Even if the PF is giving Luhila contracts, the gentleman and his wife are bankrupt and have a a history of bad debt.

Not long ago, Lusaka High Court ordered former Food Reserve Agency (FRA) executive director Freda Luhila and her husband Alexis to pay back more than K1 billion within 90 days for a loan they secured from Stanbic Bank Zambia Limited in 2008.

The court also ordered the possession of the couple’s and two houses belonging to three others in Lusaka, and a Scania Marcopolo luxury bus that were secured as mortgage in the loan facility, if they failed to pay the ordered K1,093,675,621.38.

Judge Flavia Chishimba has gave  Stanbic Bank the liberty to fore-close and sale the respondent’s mortgaged properties if they fail to settle the debt.

Luhila nd his wife Freda obtained 967 million kwacha from Stanbic Bank in March 2008 but failed to pay back. Now the PF will give these new members contracts to build infrastructure?

Luhila is also one of the former senior leaders in MMD who agreed to testify against former President Rupiah Banda in exchange for 30 pieces of silver.

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