PF Bwacha MP abducts UPND youth in Luano

PF Bwacha MP Sydney Mushanga yesterday abducted a UPND youth, Kelvin Tandi of Luano district for allegedly saying PF had a sick President in Michael Sata and drove him in the night all the way to Kabwe.

After threatening to kill him, Tandi who was in a state of shock and fear was dumped at Kabwe central police station where he was detained overnight and charged for conduct likely to cause a breach of peace. Police officers in Kabwe told the Watchdog that Tandi was brought by Mushanga and some other PF cadres who told them that Tandi was insulting the President and must be jailed.

But UPND provincial youth Chairman Milner Mwanakampwe has threatened that should anything happen to Tandi, Mushanga and his thugs shall be held answerable. Mwanakampwe also demanded that Mushanga be arrested by police for abduction because even after being released, Tandi’s whereabouts were still unknown and his phone was off.

He wondered why Mushanga left all the police stations in Luano, Mkushi and Kapiri Mposhi just to come and dump a ‘poor youngman’ in Kabwe where he had no relatives and had no money to get back to his home. Police in Kabwe told the Watchdog that Tandi was charged for conduct likely to cause breach of peace and was released today at 16:00hrs.

“Should anything happen to Kelvin, his blood will be on Mushanga and his cadres. We have been trying to look for him but he is nowhere, we cannot allow PF to be threatening our cadres in this manner,” said Mwnakampwe ina media statement.

Mwanakampwe also urged Mushanga to concentrate on addressing the numerous problems in his constituency and also to make peace with his party where he is unwanted instead of wasting time on abducting people from Luano.

Recently, PF thugs in Bwacha constituency led by Saidi Chibwana passed a vote of no confidence in Musahanga who has also one of the PF MPs who illegally obtained land in Kabwe’s Mukuyu residential area.

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