PF bye-election victories fake, based on manipulations – Nevers Mumba

PF bye-election victories fake, based on manipulations – Nevers Mumba

Dr Mumba

Dr Mumba

MMD leader Nevers Mumba has dismissed as fake the ‘victories’ by the PF in three of the five bye-elections held last week.

And Dr Mumba says the PF will not be able to bribe enough people in 2016 to carry the day. He said Zambians will come out in masses against PF in 2016 and no amount of trickery or manipulation will work.

Dr Mumba says Zambians should not be deceived by the false PF victories because they do not represent the true picture on the ground, especially that the average voter turnout was 36%.

‘Although we lost 3 of the original seats we held previously, it was very clear to us on the campaign trail that the outcome was manipulated by the PF, as happened in Mangango earlier.

‘The levels of electoral malpractice by PF have reached frightening levels never seen before,’ Dr Mumba said.

‘In Zambezi West, ambulances were driven around and falsely promised to every community if they voted for PF. In Vubwi, the Republican Vice-President Dr. Guy Scott, issued one thousand title deeds to villagers to coincide with the by-elections. We witnessed PF officials openly dishing out money near polling stations on the election day. Ministers and ordinary party cadres were using ZAF planes normally reserved for the President and his vice, at will,’ Dr Mumba explained.

On voter apathy, Dr Mumba said ‘in Solwezi Central, turnout was less than 20%, which demonstrates that Zambians are tired of all these by-elections and have better things to do with their time.

Dr Mumba said that ‘during the recent by-election campaigns, we were treated to a rude shock as the Vice-President Dr Scott openly insulted our former Republican President Rupiah Banda by referring to him as “Nyama Soya” while Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili referred to our National Youth Chairman Honourable Howard Kunda as a “lunatic” for pointing out the incompetence of PF in their handling of the flight arrangements for the National Soccer team to Cape Verde.’

The complained that his kind of Stone Age politics must stop immediately saying Zambians yearn for mature, issue-based politics that are driven by solid intellectual arguments. He said Zambians are tired of intellectually bankrupt leaders governing them.

Dr Mumba appealed to his members nationwide for absolute dedication and unity in order to continue raising the prospects of the party. He said Zambians are willing to support a disciplined and better organized MMD; a party that holds together in both good times and bad times; in losses and victories.

He said to win the final war in 2016, ‘we have to mount a new strategy of a strong and united team. Our goal is to build a well-oiled machinery to challenge for 2016, and with 100% commitment from everyone in the party, the future is bright for the MMD.’

He said that ‘MMD is on the path to full recovery and is the best party to vote for in 2016 because it is capable of taking this nation to greater heights due to our focus on morality, honesty, integrity and a philosophy of strong democratic governance and free market economic policies.’

Dr Mumba congratulated MMD candidate Victoria Kalima for retaining the Kasenegwa seat with a massive landslide victory of 73%. He also commended the other four candidates who stood; namely Sydney Chisanga in Mkushi South, Lucky Mulusa in Solwezi Central, Eustarckio Kazonga in Vubwi and Prisca Kucheka in Zambezi West.


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