PF cadre Bizwell Mutale attempting to meet Litunga to ‘allow’ him make donations

Litunga Lubosi ii in Livingstone

PF cadre and former UPND South Africa Chairperson Bizwell Mutale is making attempts to meet the Litunga of Barotseland Lubosi Imwiko ii who is currently in Livingstone attending the Southern Province Expo as one of the chief guests.
Sources within the PF have indicated that Mutale wants to make donations of meali meal in Barotseland but wants the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) to ‘facilitate’ the program.
Yesterday, Mutale through his PF party donated 2,000 bags of mealie meal worth K280, 000 Kwacha to Monze residents in Chikuni area of Southern Province.
The PF government has been blocking members of the opposition from making donations to starving Zambians following poor rain in the last season that has resulted in serious hunger in over 107 districts across the country mainly in Southern, Western, parts of Lusaka, and Central Provinces.Government has at the same time been accusing opposition members of politicising the hunger situation.
It is not clear if Mutale will be granted access to the Litunga but most likely he may just meet some Indunas who are accompanying the Litunga in Livingstone.
To the people in Barotseland, please receive any food donations from anybody but don’t be compromised.

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