PF cadre Fr. Chibuye chases opposition delegates from Muchinga constitution convention

PF cadre Fr. Chibuye chases opposition delegates from Muchinga constitution convention

chibuyeFr. Patrick Chibuye, the PF cadre who is chairing the Muchinga province constitution convention has expelled two delegates associated with the opposition.

Fr. Chibuye, a well-known PF cadre who also serves also as Mpika Catholic diocese director of Caritas chased Harriet Siamutondo, a businesswoman and a member of the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) and Ruth Mulenga from the Zambia Conservative Party (ZCP).

Chibuye (in the photo) said the two successfully masqueraded as delegates to the ongoing  Muchinga province constitution convention but were expelled for failing to meet minimum qualifications for admission to the forum.

He said the two also tried to influence the proceedings of the convention.

Fr. Chibuye claimed that the banning of the two delegates was not political but in line with guidelines from the technical committee drafting the Zambian constitution on admission to the convention.

Fr. Chibuye said the decision to expel the duo was arrived at after establishing that they came from Lusaka Province, contrary to guidelines that delegates to a particular provincial convention must come from within their province.

Fr. Chibuye said it was discovered that the two political parties which the duo purported to represent have no party structures in Muchinga province to warrant their admission to the convention.

He noted that despite the two presenting official invitation letters to attend the convention, they did not qualify to be delegates by virtue of coming from another province other than Muchinga.

Fr. Chibuye revealed that in consultation with the technical committee, a plan may be devised on how best to get back the money the two received as allowances and a possible prosecution for obtaining money on false pretences.

The Muchinga province constitution convention has since broken into mini committees to look at individual clauses of the draft constitution before reconvening tomorrow for submissions to the main plenary session.

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