PF cadres grab Munali secondary sch land

PF cadres grab Munali secondary sch land

A Land wrangle has erupted between Staff at Munali Secondary School in Lusaka and Patriotic Front cadres, who have already started sharing the land

PF Munali Constituency officials have taken possession of bare land at Munali Secondary School just direct opposite the Chainama Hotel and have started demarcating it.

But ministry of education officials say the land was reserved for School expansion or construction of Teachers accomodation . But PF officials and cadres say the land was given to them by Munali MP who is also Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo as reward for campaigning for her.

The cadres claim that the Commissioner of Lands has even given them title feeds but Staff at School say the title deeds for the place in contest is with Ministry of General Education.

When teachers saw cadres demarcating land, they reported the matter to Chelstone Police but nothing has been done.

Today, the Watchdog found cadres digging boundary walls.

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