PF cadre Henry Lungu allegedly killed fellow cadre Chanda at PF camp

Patriotic Front (PF) cadre by the name of Henry Harry Lungu  is the one who allegedly killed PF cadre Harrison Chanda at the PF camp in Libuyu, some 15 kilometres away from the UPND camp situated on the other side of Livingstone town.

Police and security sources close to the investigations have told the Watchdog that Mr. Lungu was transported from Livingstone and is currently being detained at Kabwata Police station in Lusaka.

“This person (Lungu) was arrested and transported from Livingstone together with UPND Mayor Aggrey Njekwa, who was arrested from his house around 02:00 hours after surrounding his house. Why are the police so mute about this prime suspect and why was he transported from Livingstone to Lusaka,” Security sources told the Watchdog.

Information obtained by investigating team so far indicate that this person (Henry Lungu) told close associates in Livingstone the evening the PF cadre was murdered that ‘namulasa sinenzo ziba ati afa’ (I have hacked him, I didn’t know he would die).

Sources said Lungu looked to be in panic after the incident and at one point he ran away before being apprehended later on.

And police have since put heavy restriction to people who want to visit Lungu at Kabwata police station where he is detained.

Some people who wanted to visit Lungu at Kabwata police station, said they were told they could only see Lungu with permission from someone at Lusaka Central police station.

When they drove to Lusaka Central Police, the senior officer there said he could not allow them to see Lungu unless they got permission from Police force headquarters.

At Police force headquarters, the officer thinking these were lawyers said they had been to meeting a state witness, referring to detained Livingstone Mayor Aggrey Njekwa, and he could not allow them to meet Lungu.

Sources said PF are now scheming to have Lungu the killer start mentioning some names of UPND leaders, such as Garry Nkombo, as the ones who sent him to murder.

There are also attempts to have Livingstone Mayor Njekwa who is detained at Woodlands police station turned into a state witness.

Western Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta and Morgan Musonda have so far confessed before  ZNBC TV cameras that they know how Mr. Chanda was killed in the truck at the UPND camp.

A number of UPND members, including Mazabuka UPND MP, Garry Nkombo, are currently being detained in Livingstone over the murder.

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