PF cadre in police cells for calling Minister Kapata ‘failure’

PF cadre in police cells for calling Minister Kapata ‘failure’

A PF cadre  Richard Soko has been arrested for calling minister of lands Jean Kapata a failure.

In a voice note which Soko sent to A WhatsApp group called PF country wide, Soko is heard telling the Minister of lands of how she has forgotten about the youths who helped her in her campaigns after she became minister of Lands.

“ Ba Jean Kapata balitulaba after baishiba Mukula tree na land”

Soko also complained about how luxurious Jean Kapata lives in Roma with show room range rovers parked at her yard.

“Mu 2021, Mukasendi abana benu, Lupwa lwenu yonse ukumi Chitila campaign.”

This voice note angered Kapata who is guilty and had him reported to force headquarters where he was summoned today.

After taking himself to Force headquarters Soko was formally arrested and charged with Criminal defamation

He has since been remanded at Kabwata police station where he will spend the night.

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