PF cadre in Rufunsa died of self-inflicted knife

The Patriotic Front cadre who died during last year’s local government bye-elections in Rufunsa died out of self inflicted wounds a Police source has told the Watchdog.

According to the Officer, Menyani Zulu died when he fell on a knife he was carrying after a fracas erupted as the cadres shared the money being distributed by Kaizer Zulu then Lusaka Province Deputy Permanent Secretary and now Home Affairs Deputy Peramanent Secretary.

The Police source says if there was anyone to be charged it should be Mr. Kaizer Zulu and not any other person.

The source said President Michael Sata’s directive that someone should pay for Menyani Zulu’s death may lead to an innocent person dying in prison.

The officer said it was sad that the Police have charged Isaac Zulu a UPND driver for murder when Menyani died from self inflicted wounds.

It is sad that an innocent person is being kept in remand.

Police investigations are very clear, Kaizer Zulu transported these people to Rufunsa together with Lusaka District Commissioner Ashwel Kampengele.

Silvia Masebo and Geofrey Chumbwe donated some money and it was when Kaizer Zulu was distributing money that a fracas erupted and Menyani fell on the knife he was carrying.

The police officer said. Isaac Zulu appeared in the Lusaka magistrate court yesterday charged with murder but the defence applied for a preliminary inquiry that was granted.

Kaizer Zulu is Sata’s close confidant and he is the one who hacked into the Electoral Commission of Zambia website during 2011 Presidential elections.

After elections Sata declared him as State Property and was under 24 hour guard.

He is now Ministry of Home Affairs Deputy Permanent Secretary.

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