PF cadre ‘insults’ on Chieftaines Mungule annoy whole village

PF youth chairman, a Mr. Ndongo’s recent utterances on Muvi TV where he accused the Lenje traditional leader of decampaigning the PF candidate popularly known by his Kaponya name of Big Moze in preference of the other local candidates has annoyed villagers who have threatened to hunt and beat the sulky politician.

Ndongo told Muvi TV that “Who is Mungule to tell people not to vote for PF candidate because he does not come from here? Mungule’s vote does not matter and she can take it wherever she wants as it cannot make PF lose the election” but during the burial of village headman Kalabo on Wednesday villagers said the insults on the leader were uncalled for and accused PF campaign manager Edgar Lungu of fueling the confusion.
“Tatusuni bantu batukana bami, alimwi uyu Ndongo na twamuchana alakuchibona, tulakumuchaya mukwinga muntu utakana bami ngayi watukana sonse so bamu mushi (We don’t want people who insult the chief, and if we find this Ndongo we will teach him a vicious lesson because a person who insults the chief tentatively insults all of us in the village),” said some angry mourners.

The mourners have also adopted a slogan which says “Kwale talelwa” meaning an eagle cannot be tamed, in an effort to avoid the PF imposed candidate who is believed to be of Congolese origin in the 25th February Katuba parliamentary by election in which the leading contenders are MMD’s Cecil Holmes, UPND’s Jonas Shakafuswa and ABZ’s Patricia Mwashingwele who all originate from the area.

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