PF cadre insults SDA on behalf of Lungu

PF cadre insults SDA on behalf of Lungu

PF thug and punch bag Maxwell Chongu says he will now be wearing his mother in law’s Dorcas uniform in bars and taverns.

According to the misguided imbecile, this is to force the SDA church to apologise to Edgar Lungu, the PF President.

Clearly the punches he often gets from Human beings are not enough for this punk so he is trying to attract the wrath of God.

Max has demanded that the Church leadership should apologize to Lungu for a report that showed a woman wearing a “Dorcas Women’s Ministry” uniform and calling Edgar Lungu a “Chakolwa “.

Chongu says his wife and her mother are members of the SDA so he will be wearing their Dorcas uniforms.

The Report was shown on Prime Television which prompted Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Jean Kapata, to threaten closure of the media outlet.

ZWD comment: SDA should just ignore this lunatic and continue with their work. After all it’s true that Lungu is a chakolwa.


if Lungu was a normal person, he would have disassociated himself from this stupidity. But well, he is probably in a stupor as usual and cares less .

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