PF cadre Matale to remain CCZ head despite being suspended from church

PF cadre Susanne Matale will continue representing the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) a respectable institution despite her being chased from her church Methodist Episcopal Church.

Matale was suspended from Methodist Episcopal Church on grounds of undisclosed cases of indiscipline.

Like every other Secretary General, she was elected to the position because of her membership in the Methodist Episcopal Church.

But CCZ spokesperson Elias Banda defends Matale saying she ‘her suspension does not affect her duties as General Secretary as the CCZ constitution takes care of that.’

Elias Banda said that ‘our constitution protects the GS from the happenings in her church. (including indispline). She seizes to operate as GS only when she is excommunicated from her church or leaves the Church to join a NON CCZ member church.’

Banda also claimed that Suzanne Matale not a PF cadre, thereby appointing himself spokesperson of Matale as an individual

Banda went to irrelevantly say ‘she is part of the Technical Committee drafting the constitution on behalf of CCZ and under the blessing of the CCZ Executive Board, which coincidentally represents all churches including her church AMEC.

‘Her suspension therefore has nothing to do with her role in neither the said Committee nor her duties as General Secretary.’

According to Banda, CCZ has held many views different or supportive of the government in the past but have not been called PF or MMD cadres. He wondered why now?

The African Methodist Episcopal Church earlier this week suspended Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ)General Secretary Reverend  Susan Matale.

According to a letter signed by Bishop Paul Kawimbe,  Rev Matale has been suspended for staying away from a disciplinary  committee on May 7, 2012.

Matale is the only CCZ Secretary-General who has shown political bias by leaning and supporting the PF.

The Watchdog maintains that Matale is a PF cadre.


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