PF cadre Ngwira urges Lungu to fire Lusambo

PF cadre Ngwira urges Lungu to fire Lusambo

He writes :

Let me to echo comrade Edward Mwaba Ndalama‘s position on the issue of Roan Constituency.

Let me be quick to say here and now that the loss of Roan Constituency to that man whom I don’t even know his name is not only a shame to the Patriotic Front, it is a bigger blow to the Party President and the entire PF as we go to the polls come 2021. This has hit us bad, it has kicked us , it has damaged us and if we are not careful, we may get into an intensive care Situation as we approach 2021.

As I blame it on Bowman Chilosha Lusambo, Richard Muskwa, Kampamba Mulenga and the entire MCC for not listening, let me hasten to say that this bad but timely wake up call for PF is indeed a big lesson worth a good reflection by those previlaged to manage the affairs of the party. If we feel so comfortable due to the fact that we are drunk with power, tukashala muli mwamoneni, we shall be kicked out like broiler chickens that have developed Gomboro and boom, we shall be on the other side as losers.

I want to appeal to people like Mr Know it all, Bowman Lusambo, that any political tactician in the world has a listening ear, stubbornness and being drunk with power has never been a solution in politics, sometimes let’s learn to listen even from those we feel have no power and money. We advised, but obviously you chose to shower threats on many of us including Ndalama Edward, here we are, beaten pants down, Kambwili was busy campaigning while you and your team were busy posting fake things and say compare and contrast, is this not a shame on you?

Lastly, to the Secretary General, this is a bigger wake up call for you Sir, a time of reflection is infact not needed, all you need to do now is put your House in order or resign before you can be fired. A lot has gone wrong, you have not listened, you have instead viewed those who have told you the truth in your face as enemies of you and the party, am sure now you have to take this bitter pill. Organize the grassroots now or never, better still just resign and ask the President to send you into Foreign service. All this is coming on your head and please don’t dare to have a press briefing and say you are petitioning.

Lastly, it is my appeal to the head of state, the man in whom am well pleased, please fire some of these passengers who are not bringing any value to the party, remove them from the positions of MCC, fire some Mimisters who are doing nothing but preparing for their retirement by eating and saving forgetting the party that put them into office. Take action now Sir or we say Goodbye to power come 2021.

Finally, empower the youths and put things in order for the people of Zambia.

I end here.

Chanoda Ngwira!!!

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